• Emailcraft the Pilot Way

    So to start — this isn’t a formula. Or, the blog post might seem like a formula, or a checklist or something like that, but really what it’s meant to be is a distillation of a lot of things that I don’t actively think about when I write emails, turned into something explainable. So maybe […]

  • Monster of the Week in 2022 & 2023

    I did a lot in 2022, but one thing I’m pretty proud of was dipping my toes into GMing an actual campaign for the tabletop RPG Monster of the Week. MOTW is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that takes its inspiration from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, The Dresden Files, The X-Files, and other […]

  • Reconnecting with Zotero and Finding The Truth

    In anticipation of next week’s Reclaim book club, which is starting on December 01 and being hosted by the lovely Amanda Schmidt, I’ve reinstalled Zotero. Zotero, if you’re not familiar, is a tool for collecting articles, web pages, and anything else you may want to save or cite down the road — designed for scholarship, […]

  • So I Had Some Commitment Issues…

    Revisiting Git & GitHub So as luck would have it, a couple of things have dovetailed in my work recently. In my last blog post, I talked about the experiments I’ve been doing with HTML & CSS, building site files directly instead of using WordPress or another application. Ideally I’d like to learn more about […]

  • The Finger-painting Approach

    In the midst of learning about containers and PHP (no blogging on that yet) and daydreaming about how to put together my own PHP/JavaScript site/application/what-have-you that’s a tool exactly tailored to what I need, I decided to go back to basics: HTML, CSS, and nothing else. I’ve messed around with HTML and CSS before, but […]

  • Containers Workshop Week 1: Hello, World!

    Just using this space quickly to type up some thoughts about Week 1 of the containers workshop we hosted in July. For a variety of reasons I’m only now getting the opportunity to work through the exercises, one week at a time, so here we go. Week 1 covered an introduction to containers: what they […]

  • Goals for Gravity Forms

    For the month of June, I’m participating in Reclaim’s Gravity Forms flex course, where we’re learning about the tool Gravity Forms and how to use it to accomplish great things. So I’m recording some of my plans in the hopes of laying them out a little more clearly for myself. If I know what I […]

  • My #1 Slack Emoji Hack

    (And by #1, I mean “brand new”.) Today I learned a thing, courtesy of Taylor Jadin. One of my ongoing responsibilities at Reclaim is to curate and put together the Reclaim Roundup, our monthly newsletter that collects all of the announcements, blog posts, new support documentation, event resources, and staff picks, and sends them to […]

  • My RS-Quest into RSS

    Impetus So recently (not that recently) we were setting up the first edition of Reclaim’s monthly newsletter, the Reclaim Roundup. We weren’t just talking about what content would go into it, or how to structure that content, though we were doing that too — we were also doing all the mechanical bits, like getting Ghost […]

  • Running Ghost on Reclaim Cloud

    So in my last post, I mentioned offhand towards the end that I was experimenting with running Ghost on Reclaim Cloud, and while it was working all right, I was running into this error when I tried to update to the latest version: Essentially, I started with the default one-click installer of Ghost, which is […]