The long-term goal here is to be able to build AR and VR applications, specifically with the intent to support projects built without my input. In the meantime, I’m getting familiar with Unity’s interface and processes.


I have some programming experience, but not in C#. Learning C# will augment my work in Unity, so that I can create assets and programs of my own.


Tinkercad is a program for 3D design and coding, which might be useful for creating custom assets in Unity. Alternatives to look into: Mudbox and Maya.


Scalar is a site-building CMS without a lot of documentation or support, so setting up and practicing with the system will be important in case people at Carleton need help with their sites.


I have a weakness for organizational systems and project management strategies, and Agile is a very popular one in the tech sphere. It’s a little bit elusive, though, so I’m working on how to put it into practice…


This one is just for fun — I want to learn the language and put it into practice, though not for any purpose beyond my own enjoyment.